The main reason I created this blog is because I love PR and needed a way to express that love through the production of my work. Sure reading blogs and keeping up on the latest trends was great, but there came a point when I realized that I wanted to play a more active role.

I felt it was important, as an aspiring PR professional, to have a blog where I can write my thoughts and opinions, from a PR perspective, regarding current events.

Also, I felt like it would be nice to pay homage and shed some light on the professionals in the PR industry that we could all look up to.

Finally, I made this blog as a resource for up and coming PR professionals. The interviews that are provided on this blog are all helpful for anybody looking to have a career in the PR industry. In addition, there is a section on this blog that is dedicated to highlighting aspiring PR professionals in the hopes that they can be seen and possibly hired by someone looking to hire a young PR mind.

So, if you are as fascinated and obsessed about the field of PR as I am, then this is definitely the place for you!


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