PR Pro: Robin Luymes

Robin Luymes, APR, is the executive director of communications at Davenport University. He is best known for his 18 years of work at Amway Global where he did everything from media relations to advertising. He is a professional in every sense of the term, as he has been a part of the PR/communications field for over 20 years and has had great success. You can follow him on Twitter @SuperDu. Now let’s find out more about him. Continue reading

PR Pro: Arik Hanson

Arik Hanson, APR, is the principal of ACH Communications, which is a digital communications consultancy. Arik is known for his ability┬áto create tight-knit communities, build strong brand awareness, and drive thought leadership for organizations. He also makes quite an impact on Twitter, where he has been ranked highly on multiple “must-follow” lists by PR professionals. If you are not familiar with Arik, you can check him out at or you can follow him on Twitter @ArikHanson. You can also find out more about him in the following interview.